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Ask Amy: Friendship fracture breaks up the band

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What do I do?

– Struggling

Dear Struggling: You’re a mom now, and you want to raise your baby in a peaceful and respectful environment.

The first couple of years in your daughter’s life will be filled with lessons and discoveries for both of you. Given that your folks are not always positive influences, you will have to be careful and protective of your baby and yourself.

Understand, however, that grandchildren sometimes bring out very different qualities in people, and those parents who are harsh with you might be loving and kind toward your child.

You will need to watch their behavior and continue to make choices regarding contact. If they are abusive, you must stay away from them.

Dear Amy: A friend of several years ghosted me after she had made an important promise and then failed to follow through, leading to a big impact on me. Total ghosting.

Nearly a year later, I accidentally texted her a casual invitation to meet, intended for someone else of the same name – oops!


My former friend responded gladly, saying that she thought I must hate her for letting me down. We resumed our friendship as though there'd never been a break.

– Re-friended By Accident

Dear Re-friended: The fickle finger of friendship fate finds its mark!


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