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Ask Amy: Friendship fracture breaks up the band

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Missing: You should contact John independently by email. There is no reason to mention Yoko as the prime mover in this dustup. Furthermore, do not get sucked into a written dialogue about her because she is likely to see (or be told about) whatever you write.

Tell him, “You are obviously upset about several things concerning our friendship going back a long way. I’d like to try to get back on track. Are you willing to talk things through?”

Remember that, as close as you all are, none of us can truly know what private challenges another person faces. You can honor your long friendship by vowing to stay open, offering to listen, and trying your hardest to understand your friend’s point of view.

John should do the same, but you cannot guarantee that he will. He may choose to go solo.

Dear Amy: I'm 21 years old and no longer live at home.

I have a 3-month-old baby girl and a loving soon-to-be husband, but I'm struggling with my parents. They've always put me down. My mother is constantly calling me harsh names for no reason.


We were on the phone a few minutes ago and before she hung up I heard her call me a “dumb (expletive).

I don't know what I did to cause her to say that, and my father isn't any better.

I moved out because he constantly interrupted my baby’s sleep. He wouldn’t listen to me, and now he tries to guilt me about moving out.

I'm getting married soon and I don't know if I want them there.


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