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Ask Amy: Former stoner struggles with sobriety

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

We were appalled by the insurrection at the Capitol. We are anti-Trump and our friends are pro-Trump.

We do not discuss politics with each other, but lately we have seen posts or “likes” on Facebook from them that are anti-Biden and supportive of the past president and the insurrection.

How can we maintain a friendship with these people? Should we?

After all these years, it would be a shame to just walk away, but it almost seems that these people are part of the larger problem in this country.

Your advice?

– Upset Friends


Dear Upset: Political alignment (“pro-this” or “anti-that”) is one thing.

But if your friends are white supremacists – or make statements where they align with white supremacy (which is NOT a political point of view but a statement of values) – then why are YOU the ones leaving the room?

Maybe they should be asked to leave.

My overall point is that you are so conflict-avoidant that your friends might not even realize that you disagree with them and are offended by their views.


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