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Ask Amy: Couple’s problems will be baked in

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Hurtin': While getting relatives to work in the family business is a time-tested recipe for success, compelling a spouse to take out your business' trash is a less-than-savory ingredient in a marriage.

Would you accuse your wife of being lazy or unsupportive if she didn't want to sweep your office floor or tote your mass mailing to the post office for you?

I suggest you tell your wife that while you won't be working at her business, you'd be happy to help her strategize and develop a business plan that doesn't involve you being her (trash) bag man.

However, seeing as how you keep a less than part-time work schedule – you absolutely must pick up any slack – and trash – at home.

(May 2011)

Dear Amy: My husband desperately wants to be a famous published author.


I edited his book numerous times before it got “published” online, and now he is writing stories on the Web that he hopes to compile into a novel.

He expects me to edit all of these stories.

Being his editor before was awful. Although he fixed what I suggested and I helped him make the writing tighter, he didn’t learn from it and the same mistakes occurred over and over again.

He can’t seem to edit or analyze his own writing.


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