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Ask Amy: Couple’s problems will be baked in

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Dear Readers: Every year during this time I step away from my column to work on other creative projects. I hope you enjoy these “Best Of” Q&A from 10 years ago. Today’s topic is: “Homeworking.”

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I’ll be back with fresh Q&A next week.

Dear Amy: My wife wants to change careers and open a bakery. I know she will be successful, because she is successful in everything she has ever done. My issue is that she expects me to work there as well.

She told me I could, "Clean pans, bus tables and take out the trash."

Amy, I have a home-based business and vowed years ago that I would never again work in restaurants unless (my) financial need dictated it.


I cannot see myself taking out the trash or washing pans just because my wife wants to be a full-time baker.

The only time I even hinted at the fact that I didn't want to work there, she called me lazy and unsupportive (I typically work about 15 or 20 hours a week.)

How can I tell her that I don't want to be involved in the day-to-day operation of her new business, and at the same time convey that I support her fully?

– Hurtin' Husband


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