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Ask Amy: Facebook posts create relationship problems

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Today’s topic is: Unsocial media.

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Dear Amy: My daughter-in-law "Wendy" uses Facebook to complain about her job, her boss, how much she feels cheated by being a working mother, and even about the shortcomings of her new husband (my son), who apparently failed to buy her a lavish enough Mother's Day present.

These posts create a kind of online persona that makes her seem vicious, and she really isn't. But the really embarrassing part is that she is Facebook "friends" with everyone in my family, and, believe me, her posts are a topic of not-too-flattering gossip.


I have mentioned to my son a few times when her posts have become offensive, and he is trying to deal with it offline.

– Concerned Mother-in-law

Dear Concerned: When your daughter-in-law posts her complaints, selfishness or negativity on the public bulletin board that is Facebook, she runs the risk of ruining her personal and professional reputation. And that's her business.

When her whining veers into family territory, that's your business.


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