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Ask Amy: Teen forces gay friend out of the closet

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Was I wrong for telling my sister? I still love James but I don't agree with his lifestyle. What can I do to fix our friendship?

– Sad Teen

Dear Teen: "James" is right. Though it is possible to be on Facebook under someone else's account without necessarily realizing it, you read your friend's private message and then, after you knew this message was private, you disclosed it to someone else.

When you are close friends with someone, you should take your personal questions and concerns directly to them.

James now doesn't have the option to make his own choice about how to talk about his own life because you and your family have made this choice for him.

You've made a mistake. The most you can do now is also the best thing to do – always. Tell the truth. Acknowledge your mistake. Ask for forgiveness, and hope it will be granted.


(October 2011)

Dear Amy: I am a gay man, and I have been involved with a younger guy (he's 25 and I'm 48) for close to a year.

We have a million things in common. He's sweet, kind, funny, and I'm very appreciative of his emotional support and advice. I've encouraged him to continue his education, and I've tried to be supportive.

He's very new to the whole relationship thing and hasn't come out to anyone yet.


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