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Ask Amy: Girlfriend doesn’t want to hang with the nudes

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

– Grossed-out Girlfriend

Dear Girlfriend: Like you, I wouldn't want to hang out in a porn palace, but your boyfriend isn't willing to represent your point of view to his roommates. Your only other option is to react to this decor yourself. You can assume they’d be happy to explain their choices to someone who is willing to challenge them.

When you get to know them better, say: "OK. I'm dying to know. What's with all the nudes?" If they say they "love the human form," you can tell them you've got a vintage centerfold of Burt Reynolds you'd be happy to present to them. Otherwise, if you can't adjust to this, I suggest you steer clear.

(February 2011)

Dear Amy: I am a 65-year-old woman. My significant other is a self-professed "boob" man.

He recently booked a trip to a topless resort. I can't imagine enjoying a week of sitting around topless with a bunch of hard bodies while he ogles.


He thinks I am being unreasonable and not taking his priorities into consideration. I think he is being unfair to think that would be a fun time for me. Am I being unreasonable?

– Saggy 65

Dear Saggy: You're not being unreasonable. If your guy absolutely must go on a boob-watching trip, and you aren't interested, then don't go. One advantage of being a "significant other" is that occasionally you get to be "other" and go your own way.

If you are happy being with someone with this diverting hobby, then – by all means – tell him you will be awaiting his return.


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