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Ask Amy: Marriage has porous borders

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Don't give up! The right one is out there!

– Met my Match on OKC

Dear Met my Match: I appreciate your tips.

During my own phase of online matching, I reframed the experience by thinking of it as “practice.” This seemed to turn down the anxiety-volume enough for me to simply embrace meeting new people.

Dear Amy: I share your column regularly with my 11-year-old daughter.

She also happens to be a fashionista, and after reading the question from “Copied,” who was annoyed by her co-worker copying all of her outfits, my daughter suggested this solution: Why not do the nicest thing and offer to take this woman shopping?

Help her find and develop her OWN style. She is clearly trying to fit in, and has not had any assistance. This way both women gain!


– Shopping in California

Dear Shopping: I’ve received a high volume of responses to this question – most of them agreeing with your daughter: This presents an opportunity to be nice.


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