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Ask Amy: Mom steals stories, and then shares

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My mom frequently “shares” things via social media that she has no right to share.

She’ll take a picture that we have posted on Facebook or Instagram and post it herself; (almost as if she was the one who took it), often relaying the story of the picture as if it’s her own – basically “stealing” it and reposting it herself.

Recently, she posted on Facebook about my and my fiancé’s wedding date, stating, “So excited for a [wedding month] wedding!” and tagging us.

This was before we (the actual couple) had even announced it.

I told her to take it down and explained about what a violation it was.

She eventually said she understood where we were coming from and took down the post, but within the same day posted a funny story about OUR (meaning mine and my fiancé’s) dog that I had told her.


Neither of us had shared that on social media, ourselves. It was via phone conversation. We live across the country.

I know the easy answer is to not post what we don’t want shared, but she’ll post things we tell her via phone, too.

It’s hard for her to be an empty-nester. But I want her to understand that the only way we’ll tell her about things is if she can respect that we don’t want it “shared” with the world.

If I don’t talk to her or tell her about our lives, she lays in a huge guilt trip about how she “doesn’t even know us anymore.”


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