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Ask Amy: Handsy hubby should revise technique

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Help to write a new script. Think about what you WOULD like in terms of foreplay, and lead with that.

Dear Amy: My father-in-law has been greeting me every time I see him with a kiss on the mouth.

I was a bit taken aback the first time this happened, but he really is a sweet man and a wonderful father-in-law and grandfather to my kids.

In no way do I feel like he is trying to be inappropriate, but it does make me feel uncomfortable.

Since the pandemic I’ve had a good excuse to turn my head away for a kiss on the cheek or forehead, but it always feels like he tries a little too hard to land on the lips.

We are all vaccinated now, and I believe he thinks it’s OK to resume the lip-kisses.


Am I being over-sensitive here? Should I just let him kiss me, should I say something, or should I just keep turning my head?

– Kissed Out

Dear Kissed Out: I’ve known a couple of very sweet (older) men who do this. And yes, it is definitely uncomfortable for those of us who don’t like it.

I also need to share the CDC’s caution about vaccinated people hugging and kissing others outside of their “bubble.” They suggest waiting.


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