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Ask Amy: A woman warned tops a woman scorned

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Should I reach out to the women whose contact information I have, and prompt them to look him up and do with the information what they will regarding their own children?

I have been wrestling with this question for nearly a year now. I don't want to behave as a woman scorned, but I do often think about what harm he could be capable of, and it weighs on my conscience that I've remained silent.

– Only In Bad Movies

Dear Bad Movies: I wouldn’t describe your situation as “a woman scorned” so much as “a woman not warned.” The minute you learned about your guy’s double life, you packed up and left the relationship. Good for you!

Fully examine your motives. If your sole motive is to spare another woman what you went through or protect her children, then warn her.

Understand that when you attempt to warn another woman about our ex’s behavior, you must not defame him. Report only about what happened to you and the facts you know and urge any woman who has questions to also do a background check, especially if she has children.


Your ex will probably portray you as “a woman scorned.” It is likely that he is gaslighting his current partners the way he did you, but your strength now is in not caring what he thinks of you.

Dear Amy, my niece is getting married in two months.

It is an indoor wedding. I love her dearly, but do not feel safe attending anything where people will be eating and talking without masks.

What is the right thing to do here?


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