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Ask Amy: A woman warned tops a woman scorned

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I was with my former partner for several years. He traveled often for work.

We had what I thought was a very happy relationship and were both professionally and financially successful.

We bought a home together when I was close to completing my master's degree.

A week after moving in, I discovered he'd been essentially living a double life with another woman (with children) who lived nearby. They were planning to take a “family trip” together (including her kids and parents). She knew nothing of me.

I then learned that his affairs had been going on for years with various women, and that he’d also had trysts with strangers (men and women). In addition to all this, he possessed tons of “upskirt” photos of various young women who were obviously being photographed surreptitiously.

When I would inquire about his trips and why he wouldn't answer his phone when he traveled, he would accuse me of being crazy.


After this shocking discovery, I immediately left him.

After moving out, I ran a background check, and discovered that years ago, he was charged (but not convicted) of molesting a minor “younger than 12.”

In light of what I now know about him, I am extremely concerned.

I don't know what to do with this information.


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