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Ask Amy: Millennial wonders if 'thank you' is too old-fashioned

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

When these sound effects happen, I have to ask her to repeat herself.

I can tell she gets annoyed with me, addresses my situation but says, "if I don't do this now, I don't know when I'll be able to talk."

This is a person who thrives on being self-important, feeling popular, and it's always about her.

I've accepted that over the past 20 years and actually find it entertaining.

Our friendship is important to me.

I've made suggestions, like, "Let's chat later when you're not busy," or I make up an excuse and say I have a call scheduled that I have to take, so let's check in later.


Amy, she lives alone (as I do), and we are both retired.

How can I get through to her?

— Phone Frustration!

Dear Frustration!: I have a family member with hearing loss. Time after time, I’ve felt the frustration of trying to communicate, because his comprehension seems to be sporadic.


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