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Ask Amy: Vaccination questions raise privacy concerns

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Our plan was to enjoy our remaining lives — brother and sister living together — and share expenses.

It turned into a disaster, ending in his attacking me, causing serious injuries.

Management moved him immediately into the assisted-living section, where no-contact has been allowed during the pandemic.

Now my brother needs more help, so he has been moved out of assisted living and into a full-service nursing home.

Well-meaning friends have been offering to drive me there, as restrictions have been relaxed where he is living.

I do not care to visit! I question that my brother would even know or remember me. If he did remember me, would he even want to see me?


How should I respond to these nice friends?

— Worried Sister

Dear Worried: Starting with the pandemic risk, traveling from one at-risk community to another, and then back again, could expose both communities to the virus.

In terms of your personal risk, you are quite naturally reluctant to approach your brother. This is a logical and natural consequence of his attack. Your self-protective instincts are completely appropriate.


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