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Ask Amy: Woman in startup should strike out

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

However, she’s messy in the kitchen, leaves her socks all over the place, and God help our air quality if she’s eaten even one raisin. But I adore her. I want to be with her every moment of my life.

Is there something wrong with me?

— Love Struck

Dear Love Struck: Happy belated Valentine’s Day to you two!

I believe that one key to a happy relationship is for both parties to choose to celebrate the joy of the good stuff, and to submit to a combination of surrender and acceptance for the rest. (Loving dogs helps, too.)

Thank you for the wonderful reminder that when you really love someone, you love all of them, even those things you don’t really like.

Dear Amy: You nailed it with your response to “Upbeat.”

When really depressed (not just having a "bad'" or "off" day), one cannot usually be cajoled or coaxed out of it with blanketing a person with "positive, happy or upbeat" info, slogans or phrases.


I went through a depression last year and while my relative meant well, telling me that the most important thing was to "make your bed each morning," I had to tell her that the problem was getting out of the bed while feeling enormously crushed and weary.

I ended up calling elderly relatives, not to vent about myself, but to listen to them. Listening without leaping in to offer solutions helped me to feel better.

— Been There

Dear Been There: I’m glad you navigated your way out.


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