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Ask Amy: A sudden death brings on sudden grief

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I don't want a divorce because I love him.

— Confused

Dear Confused: Actually, separation could fix everything. Everything.

Separation would remove you from your husband’s orbit. You wouldn’t have to watch him as he tries to mask what he’s doing in your home and under your nose. You wouldn’t be forced to look into his loveless, sparkless eyes.

You wouldn’t have to confront him about his dishonesty or listen to his lies and defensive responses to your allegations.

You don’t have to stop loving your husband. You do need to start loving yourself. You need to grow up, accept that you cannot force your husband to change, and take responsibility for the fact that you chose to marry someone you don’t trust. Counseling would help you.


You are a great believer in the power of change. So change!

Dear Amy: With all too much time on my hands this past year, I’ve been digitizing hundreds of photographs I hadn’t looked at in decades.

I’m grateful for every romantic relationship I’ve had, and some of these photographs document these long past relationships.

I’d be very interested in your and readers’ thoughts about my obligations, if any, with respect to such images.


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