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Ask Amy: A sudden death brings on sudden grief

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Because you want to forge a closer connection (good for you!), you should call your sister-in-law occasionally to check in and see how she and her kids are doing.

Contact the adult children personally, as well. Social media offers a wonderful way to connect and essentially get to know people in a new way. If any of these relatives are active on Facebook or Instagram, it would be worthwhile for you to create an account (if you don’t have one, already) and see if you can connect with them.

Dear Amy: I believe my husband is having an affair. I know this from watching his behaviors. His phone is constantly going off, day and night. He stands with his back against the wall to check his phone so I can't see it when he gets home. He is constantly clearing his history. He is very protective about his phone and gets very defensive when I try to talk to him about it.

He is also narcissistic and very into porn. He has always been dishonest.

When we were engaged, I caught him sexting with his ex-wife, who was one of my closest friends. His mother even warned me about how dishonest he is.

He refuses to work on our relationship and is very emotionally abusive and immature.


I have prayed, gone to church, and done everything I can to support him and help him, but ultimately it's his choice to continue with these behaviors. He acts like he doesn't care. He doesn't change. He won't go to counseling to get help.

I feel taken for granted and used. He only wants me as a home base and wants to continue communicating with lots of women on the side.

I believe he has fallen out of love with me. The spark in his eyes is gone and he won’t communicate.

At this point I don't know what to do. I have already considered separation but don't feel like that will fix anything because he refuses to change.


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