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Ask Amy: Imitation is more annoying than flattering

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: Imagine working in an office and having someone copying everything you wear!

“Kate” is my colleague. She is a very nice person and sits next to me.

We are medical professionals seeing the same patients, but she comes from a rural area and when she started here, she had zero sense of style. That’s OK. She wanted to fit in here at the office and has started to completely copy me. It’s so irritating that she just goes and buys everything I wear (sweaters, shoes, bags).

She even has the same haircut from my hairdresser!

How should I deal with someone who imitates me to this extent?

I’ve stopped sharing details regarding where I shop, but she already knows.


She has everything that I wear/own (basics, like cardigans). On some days we are literally twinning, which feels sick.

I love taking the effort to put a good look together, but here I have a copycat right next door!

I know it sounds trivial, but I have to work and deal with this person every day.

Initially this imitation was flattering toward me.


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