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Ask Amy: Trauma survivor struggles to cope

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I would love to get back together with her, or at least apologize, but she refuses to talk to me or even acknowledge my presence when I'm around.

Should I just let it go?

— Sorry Ex

Dear Sorry: You should take responsibility for your behavior and find a way to apologize – by mail, email, or private message on social media. Tell her that you know she deserved better.

After that, you should let it go. Do not contact her again.

You also need to review your own actions, figure out why you were such a jerk, and stop being that way!

Dear Amy: The "morbidly obese sister" whose “type-A” sister (“Concerned”) was so worried about helping sounds like a perfect candidate for Overeaters Anonymous.

I agree that the last thing she needs is her type-A sister coming at her with a diagnosis and a solution, but overeating, and other compulsive eating behaviors, responds effectively to the “Twelve Steps.”

At the very least, this lady would learn more about her condition and the possibilities for her recovery.


Browbeating is not an effective treatment for disease. Twelve-step programs have been effective for a lot of people for a very long time.

— OA Believer

Dear Believer: The “concern-trolling” question from “Concerned” has inspired a lot of people to offer solutions – not for her behavior – but for her obese sister!

I appreciate the great work of OA, but this question was not about treatment for obesity, but about how to treat people with obesity.


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