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Ask Amy: Conflict aversion leads to tough breakup

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

We are both taking the break-up really hard.

I have been patient and understanding, but it's hard for me to continue in a relationship with no future.

Am I wrong for breaking off an otherwise good relationship because of a communication problem?

— Worried and Wondering

Dear Worried: I do believe you’ve made some mistakes.

For instance: What took you so long to break up with this guy?


You don’t mention how old your children are, but if a future partner doesn’t want to spend any time with your children (and then doesn’t seem to like them when he does), it’s game over.

He could be great guy (and your children, not so much), but you and your kids are a package deal.

Furthermore, any person headed toward marriage and being a stepparent had better become acquainted with conflict, no matter the age of the children.

Entering a family system requires tact, humor, a generous spirit, and the ability to survive an occasional argument.


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