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Ask Amy: Spouse sees marriage consumed by differences

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Marriage counseling could help you to communicate more effectively about your problems, including discussing the direction you each see your lives taking.

Her reaction to the idea of meeting with a counselor would reveal the extent of her commitment to moving your marriage back toward the center of your lives.

Dear Amy: My close friend, “Marcia” is in her early-60s. She has been seeing “Brad” off and on for many years.

Unfortunately, Brad has a violent temper. The two of them could be floating along in Loveland, and then he will lose it, push her, yell at her, slam out of the house — and she will be terrified.

Months or even a year will go by, and then they will get back together.

Brad apologizes, Marcia rationalizes his behavior, and then she pretends he's the perfect man. Until he loses it again.


As her friend, if I express my concern, she ignores my comments and then slowly cuts herself off from me.

She is hypercritical of the men I date. She tells me I could do better. Should I just give up?

I don't feel like this is a true friendship anymore. Advice?

— Loyal, But Lost


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