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Ask Amy: Couple wants proof others are vaccinated

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My wife and I are elderly. We have been on a self-imposed lockdown for the last 10 months (and counting).

Immunization is on the horizon.

Because there will be questions as to who’s been vaccinated for the virus and who hasn’t, sensitive folks like us would like to have a prepared question for asking someone if they’ve been vaccinated.

It needs to be worded in a way in which those queried would not likely take offense.

My wife and I have tried to come up with the perfect question, but don’t believe we yet have the right words. Even more ticklish – how do we ask for proof of a vaccination?

We’re hoping that you can provide that guidance.


— Locked Down

Dear Locked Down: First of all, medical questions should be shared with your doctor (I am NOT one). You should focus on getting your own vaccinations. Don’t ruminate on what others are doing.

A very helpful article published by AARP ( explains the effect of immunization this way, quoting Dr. Thomas Moody, principal investigator at the Duke University Human Vaccine Institute: “…a vaccine makes a person resistant to an infection from the virus and the illness it causes — COVID-19 — or, at the very least, makes it so that a person who becomes infected has a shorter course [of disease], or not as many complications.”

Although a vaccine protects you from the COVID illness, vaccinated people can still possibly spread the virus, itself (which is why your friends should also get vaccinated).


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