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Ask Amy: Widower’s new woman plays out old story

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However, I do believe that for centuries, women have been told and taught that their true worth lies in their relationships, and that their womanhood hinged on motherhood, which (until recently) required a mate and outside financial support.

Lack of access to education and opportunities outside the family structure reinforced this idea.

When people feel systemically disempowered, they tend to lower their expectations, and take what they can get, until they don’t have to take it anymore.

So, welcome to now. People across the spectrum of human experience are waking up and insisting on change.

Dear Amy: This is in response to your answer to “Worried About Wedding,” who wondered if she could commit to attending a family wedding next year.

You said, “One thing I hope we have all learned is that each person needs to be responsible for their own safety, comfort, and health, regardless of the pressure they may feel to override their own judgment for the sake of appearances.”

That comment also applies to people like me who choose NOT to wear masks.


— No Mask!

Dear No Mask! Nope. Masks protect others, as well as yourself.

You do not have the right to potentially endanger someone else because you are too foolish to wear a mask.


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