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Ask Amy: ‘Right person, wrong time’ needs translating

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

— Feeling Guilty

Dear Guilty: Making fun of someone’s name is juvenile bullying.

I suggest that you react to this by speaking up and saying a version of, “Really. This has gotten so old. Can you please stop?”

I posted an informal poll on social media, asking Karens to respond to your question about “Karens.” About a dozen Karens responded, evincing a sense of humor about this, as well as an attitude best described as: “Sigh. This, too, shall pass.”

If any of this teasing takes place in front of (your) Karen, she might want to laugh it off and demand: “I want to see the manager. Wait, I AM the manager!” which is a very “Karen” thing to do.

Dear Amy: I have to admit that I was shocked to see your lengthy response to “Concerned Friend,” who reported that his male friend was being physically abused by his wife.

You are usually so biased, sexist, and anti-male that I was genuinely shocked to read your affirmative response to this question.

— Usually Disappointed


Dear Disappointed: Yes, men are (also) gravely affected by intimate partner violence, and it is devastating for both the survivor and his friends and family.

I feel thoroughly damned by faint praise, but regardless, I sincerely thank you.


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