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Ask Amy: Husband’s driving puts wife into a skid

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

In addition to the danger to you, tailgating is annoying and unnerving to the vehicle in front of you. It is rude, aggressive, and dangerous.

I can only hope that your question will inspire readers to reconsider their own driving. Drivers — please — leave at least three seconds between your car and the vehicle in front of you.

Dear Amy: I have two sisters. My sister “April” is 60 years old. She chooses not to work (her husband has a job).

They recently asked my 87-year-old mother for money to send their son to graduate school (the son does not have a job, either).

My other sister and I told April “no.” I (we) feel that it is not appropriate for our sister to ask my 87-year-old mother to hand her money.

What do you think?


— Upset

Dear Upset: In essence, I agree with you. But I need to remind you that anyone can ask anyone for anything. However, your mother can (and perhaps should) say a firm “no.”

The key for all of you is to make sure your mother is of sound mind and is financially in good shape, and that your sister, husband, and son are not manipulating or pressuring her.

Graduate school can be extremely expensive, and if giving this money would put your mother in a precarious financial position, you should do everything possible to protect her — and her assets.


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