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Ask Amy: Danger of COVID is not a game of Risk

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

If you sincerely conclude that you must eliminate James from your fiance’s list, perhaps there is someone on your list that your fiancé would also like to veto.

Dear Amy: Thank you so much for publishing the question from “Starving and Fat.” I’ve been struggling with my own eating disorder lately. When you said that the stress of the pandemic and the social isolation and job challenges has caused dormant issues to resurface, I decided to make an appointment with my therapist.

— Struggling

Dear Struggling: Recovery is an everyday triumph. Recovery from an eating disorder is especially challenging because it is impossible to eliminate and avoid the source of your biggest challenge, which is food. Relapse may always be just around the corner, but so is recovery. “Starving and Fat’s” brave choice to reveal this has inspired a lot of people (like you) to seek help.



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