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Ask Amy: Grouchy gramps derails airport run

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: Recently my daughter-in-law asked my wife to drive her and her two little kids to the airport (100 miles away) using our car.

Mind you, the daughter-in-law has a brand-new $50,000 SUV, but wanted my wife to drive OUR car to the airport.

This would leave me without a car to drive in case I needed it.

The daughter-in-law didn’t offer to let me use her car while my wife was doing this favor for her.

So I took off in our car the morning of the trip to go shopping and do some errands.

I told my wife to drive the daughter-in-law’s car, as it is newer, safer, and with all the newest gadgets for safety for the kids, etc.


Now the daughter-in-law and my wife are mad at me because she had to use her car to get to the airport.

I feel she is selfish and taking advantage of my wife and our car!

She says she didn’t want to drive her new SUV in city traffic.

Should I have to pay for wear and tear on my car so the daughter-in-law can keep her new expensive SUV without using it?


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