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Ask Amy: DNA discovery leads to unsavory letters

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Yes, if you are not into them, these shows are depressing and gruesome. It is especially disheartening to learn how often the victims of these crimes are women and children.

The appeal of some of these shows is that, in the end, the perpetrator is always eventually caught. Justice is served. The loop is closed, and an armchair investigator can try out their own theories.

In forensic-based programs, the processes used to solve the mystery are also fascinating, in a Sherlock Holmes sort of way.

The compromise is for your partner to wear earphones (connected to the TV) so that you can be spared having to hear programs that you find upsetting.

Dear Amy: I find the range of people’s actions and responses to the pandemic surprising and fascinating. I read somewhere that the best response to nearly any conflict is to express one’s own fear and vulnerability, including the specific words, “I’m doing the best I can.” Personally, when I’m dealing with a difficult encounter with anyone (of any age), I think to myself “they’re doing the best they can.” It’s a great tool to bring down the tension and stop the judging.


— Annette, in Colorado

Dear Annette: This is perfect. Thank you.


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