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Ask Amy: Parent worries about drug-dealing partner

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

My mother is livid that the offender’s brother will not go the funeral if he is there. I will not go if he is there. What is the right thing to do?

— Won’t Forget

Dear Won’t Forget: You can forgive someone — and want the best outcome for them — but still not want to be in their presence.

If someone sexually abused my child, I’d definitely need to stay away from them — in part, for their own safety.

You should not attempt to control your mother’s choices, but — I agree with the decision of those who have decided to steer clear.

Dear Amy: “Worried Mom” was concerned about her college sophomore daughter, now taking a gap year due to COVID-19.


I could definitely relate. In addition to your suggestions for her, I would like to recommend a daily yoga practice. YouTube has many offerings.

—In Child’s Pose

Dear Child’s Pose: Absolutely. The yoga mats strewn around my household are evidence that yoga can work wonders.


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