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Ask Amy: Parent worries about drug-dealing partner

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I don’t like my 33-year-old daughter’s decisions regarding her choice of partners.

I provide financial support to her and her three children. She lives in a townhouse I own, and she pays a discounted rent. She drives a car that I purchased for her.

I didn’t like her most recent man from the start, and I verbalized my concerns (which she ignored).

She got pregnant with her third child, and my opinion of him never improved. He never worked. He had excuses for everything. The older kids don’t get along with him.

Then federal marshals showed up at the door, and he is currently serving a two-year sentence for drug distribution.

I told my daughter that after he gets out, he is not welcome in the townhouse. She was not happy, and I don’t think she believes me when I say that this time, I am serious.


I told her that if she chooses to stay with him, that’s her choice — but they cannot stay in the townhouse.

I’m so torn with my decision, and I wonder if I’m being unreasonable.

Your thoughts?

— Torn Mother


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