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Ask Amy: Woman being ‘ghosted’ goes back for more

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

— Tired

Dear Tired: You and your wife need to acknowledge that the dynamic in your household has changed.

In my house, we tackled a similar issue by assigning days of the week where each spouse is responsible for providing dinner. When it’s your day — you handle it.

I also hired a bi-weekly cleaner. Smartest move I ever made.

Dear Amy: “K” described her very difficult pregnancy and wondered about having a baby shower. You suggested that she should have one quickly.

I disagree. I had a similar experience, and we enjoyed our shower after the baby was born (early) and in the NICU. I was much less fearful and distracted, and was able to experience the joy of receiving congratulations and gifts.


— Been There

Dear Been There: Several women responded with this advice — along with the hope that things turn out well for “K” and her baby.


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