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Ask Amy: October wedding creates a pandemic dilemma

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My daughter is scheduled to get married in October.

The state where the wedding is to take place has lifted all restrictions on these ceremonies.

She and her fiance will travel from their home state, which is currently a hot spot for COVID.

My daughter doesn’t want to put her life on hold. She doesn’t want to wait to have the wedding or reception.

She is willing to downsize, but not (in my opinion) to a safe level.

I’m in good health but at an age that is considered “at risk.”


She wants me to come and participate. I will have to fly to get there. I’m torn, as I have been social distancing and following CDC guidelines up to this point.

Any advice for me?


Dear Reluctant: Your daughter is an adult who is making a choice that might seem to you (and me) to be particularly short-sighted. Her desire “not to put her life on hold” is natural for an eager bride, but her choice to pull people into a gathering might end up putting her guests’ lives on “hold,” if you know what I mean.


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