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Ask Amy: COVID-panicked neighbor might get a moonrise

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

You should research state laws regarding privacy and video. You don’t necessarily have an expectation of privacy while in your yard or driveway, but you do have a reasonable expectation of privacy inside your own home. You should contact a lawyer regarding your legal remedies.

Based on what you describe, this neighbor seems to have gone round the bend. The pandemic has proved a trigger for various mental illnesses, and if she has dementia (for instance), she may be fixated on the risks she irrationally believes surround her.

Live your life. Do not “moon” her. Stay calm and polite if forced to interact with her. Imagine what it must feel like to be in such a state of rage over things you cannot control. Avoid her and (if possible) feel sorry for her.

Dear Amy, My son has always come to our summer cottage many times during the summer months.

This year, his girlfriend has a large dog.

We have always had a rule that no dogs are allowed.


Now my son and his girlfriend say that they will not come, because we don't allow dogs at the cottage. This dog is noisy, sheds, and leaves messes everywhere. Thus, we are sticking to our set rules. However, I love my son and am so stressed that they care more about the dog than our Father/Son relationship.

We are only at the cottage four months during the summer, and live in Florida the rest of the year. We sure would like to see my son more often.

What do you suggest?

Confused Father


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