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Ask Amy: Husband worries about wife's male friendship

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My wife "Monica" and I are in our 20s. We have been married only for a few months, and we are very happy.

I do have one concern, though, that I can't seem to get beyond.

Since her senior year in college, Monica has been meeting periodically with a male friend who shares her interest in genealogy.

When we married, I just assumed those meetings would either end, or they would join a genealogy group with other people.

However, Monica has continued to meet with her friend, and I usually bowl or play cards on those evenings.

We have had a few discussions about the issue and I really want her to objectively see my position.


We are deeply in love, and I know there is absolutely nothing romantic between Monica and her friend. Am I being unreasonable, and should I just accept the situation?

-- Torn in Tulsa

Dear Torn: If you know that there is nothing romantic between your wife and her friend from college, then - I fail to see what about this is so troubling to you.

It sounds as if these periodic meetings between your wife and her friend have been going on during most of - and perhaps your entire -- relationship. Perhaps you don't think that married people should have one-on-one meetings with people of the opposite sex. Did you think marriage would affix a golden handcuff to you and your wife? It doesn't work like that.


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