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Ask Amy: Grandparents struggle with COVID restrictions

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: In February, my husband and I had COVID-19, and it was a tough struggle.

Our daughter lives two hours away with our only grandchildren, (elementary age), and her husband, "Eric."

Eric is very "me" oriented; he'll wear you down in a discussion so he can win. He yells and screams a lot, but he's never been physically violent.

We're in a state that has a mandatory shelter-in-place. I've talked to my daughter about a possible visit since we've been sheltered for four weeks.

Two days ago, my SIL broke our state's guidelines and went kayaking with two of his friends.

What happens now? Do we refuse all visits, even though we haven't seen our daughter and grandkids for a month?


The very last thing we need is to get this monster virus again - we're in our 70s. Otherwise our health is good, but neither my husband nor I have fully recovered; we're improving, but not 100 percent.

Our careful plans were to go TO a safe place FROM a safe place. Unfortunately, we no longer trust our SIL to help protect us, and he's possibly exposed his wife and kids.

My daughter refuses to see his behavior as alarming. She feels sorry for him because he had a destitute childhood and he's been cooped up for four weeks. (The rest of us have, too!)

What to do? What to say? Ghost them until there's a vaccine?


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