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Ask Amy: Reader weighs in on anti-male bias

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

My ignorance of the legal obligation to register is perhaps a function of my own female privilege. I cop to that.

Yes, the suicide rate for males is higher than that for females, but that gender gap is rapidly closing, which is heartbreaking on every level.

Women fight and work and struggle and suffer, too. We make less money than our male counterparts for the same jobs. We are vulnerable to partner violence, sexual assault, degradation, street harassment, workplace harassment, humiliation, everyday petty sexism and ... mansplaining.

Sometimes just getting through the day -- working and also taking care of children and elderly parents, while also trying to throw off the mantle of generations of oppression -- is tiring and ... well, a person gets a little cranky.

And yes, complaining IS exhausting, as you no doubt know from your own statement, but sometimes the pettier complaints are placeholders for the big ones. Next time you hear a woman complain about something you consider small, understand that there is more to her -- and her complaining -- than meets your estimation.

Dear Amy: My wife and I live in a suburban neighborhood comprised of both rental and privately-owned homes.


We are both retired and so have more opportunity to see things during the day than some of our neighbors. Within the last year we have witnessed some unexplainable activity at a rental property near us.

Basically, as far as we can tell, no one actually lives there full time, and yet cars periodically come and go at odd intervals.

Sometimes, weeks will pass with no "visits," and then there will be a flurry of activity, with several vehicles all appearing at the same time, staying for a while, and then all departing.

They always pull around the rear of the house upon arrival. There are motion-sensor lights and closed-circuit cameras, as well.


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