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Wedding showers become 'save me' memes

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

The answer to your direct question is: Yes, the bored grooms at these showers are being rude. The attendees commiserating with them are diminishing their own value as guests.

Yes, it is rude to post "save me" messages at an "off-brand" event. That includes parents who post this from kids' birthday parties, young adults who post this from their grandparents' houses, and that time I posted "SOS, send vodka" from an in-law family reunion.

But sometimes "save me" really IS funny. It is always meant to draw faux sympathy to the person posting it.

Maybe the next time you witness this, you could post a picture of the "save me" guy with the caption: "Someone please save ME from the 'save me' guy."

Dear Amy: I'm a 26-year-old girl. I've been dating my 25-year-old boyfriend from college for almost five years.

We had always planned to live at home with our parents after grad school and save up some money before moving out and renting an apartment together.


We've been out of school for two years and are both secure enough in our careers to move in together.

My boyfriend and I are on the same page. We just want to get out of our parents' houses and move in together, and then get engaged within the next year.

My parents are traditional and have a big problem with me moving in with my boyfriend before we're (at least) engaged.

They like him but they can't understand why, after five years, he can't propose.


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