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Young adult must keep debt, and dad, at bay

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

What should I do?

-- People Pleaser

Dear People Pleaser: You sound depressed and depleted. You should save yourself, while you still can. Changing your life will start with you being willing to say "no." It's important to understand and believe that people who love you will still love you, even if you aren't solving their problems for them.

I'm suggesting that you treat yourself as well as you treat others. You could start with your childcare commitment. If you could cut down from four days to two, you could take those two days and work on your own mental, emotional, and physical health.

Dear Amy: "Distraught Dad" didn't notify grandparents right away when his child was born. You don't seem to realize that many grandparents are horrible, pushy, and intrusive during a birth. My own mother burst into the delivery room and would not leave.


-- Upset

Dear Upset: I am quite familiar with this phenomenon, and so are hospital staff. They should do their utmost to protect parents.


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