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New mom can treat irritation with teamwork

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I have been feeling irritable toward my husband lately. Small things bug me, even when I know they are not such a big deal.

I noticed these feelings after the birth of our fourth child, in June.

Before she was born, we found out that my husband's father was in the hospital. We couldn't get much information about his condition, so my husband was rightly concerned.

Our baby's due date came and went, and she was born 12 days late!

I was scared for her, but my husband was more worried about his dad.

Any attempts to talk about the baby were blocked. He changed the subject back to his dad. We later found out that his father has dementia and is currently hospitalized.


My temper has been short.

I try to be understanding, but I need my husband, too!

Am I overreacting because of the post-pregnancy hormones? Do I need to just let it go?

-- Short Temper in Nevada


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