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Boss's affair affects office morale

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Unfortunately, all the food was damaged from items leaking. The glass containers were all broken.

It was obvious that the merchant did not pack it correctly before shipping.

After I thanked them, I decided to let my friends know about the condition of the basket.

I felt they spent good money, and if it were me I would want to know.

Should I notify the merchant?

I think that either they should get reimbursed, or the vendor should send a replacement. I don't think they are letting the merchant know.

Am I handling this correctly? Should I have told them?


-- Grateful

Dear Grateful: You've done everything correctly. Take a picture of the damaged basket, notify the merchant and ask for a replacement to be sent to you. Then you can enjoy the gift, just as your friends intended.

Dear Amy: I didn't love your answer to "Chatty Sister," who said her brother yelled at her and their mother, demanding silence while he was studying. The brother could have a learning or processing disorder, making it difficult to maintain his focus. You should have suggested this.

-- Upset

Dear Upset: If the brother does have a disorder or learning challenge, it is his responsibility to find ways to mitigate it. Sitting in the middle of the family space and insisting on silence is not appropriate.

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