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Crowded vacation house leaves some exhausted

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

-- I'm the Dad

Dear Dad: You should check your legal custody agreement for any restrictions, but I agree with you that the custodial parent has sole responsibility for the children during their parenting time.

Your ex-wife might be trying to control you, or she might be a mom who will sleep better at night knowing -- in a basic sense -- where the kids are. Teens, especially, sometimes don't report their whereabouts accurately. This information is better supplied by the parent.

It would be considerate of both of you to keep the other informed about overnights, and that includes your ex-wife informing you.

Dear Amy: Let me add my voice to people who didn't like your advice to "Young Widow in NY," who claimed she had been stuck with a huge bill for her late husband's funeral.


People should take these questions to a lawyer, not an advice columnist.

-- Dismayed

Dear Dismayed: I took "Young Widow's" question to be a relationship question, more than a legal question. But yes, people with legal questions should see a lawyer.

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