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Diner jammies cause a respect ruckus

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: Last Saturday morning, my husband and I went to our favorite diner for breakfast.

A group of nine young ladies, ages 10 to 14, sat with two moms at a nearby table, celebrating a birthday.

Eventually we noticed what they were wearing. As they headed toward the bathroom in small groups, we noticed that they wore pajama bottoms and T-shirts.

One of the tallest girls (probably 5-foot-4) had on slippers and a bathrobe loosely hung over her night clothes.

The group was leaving together at the same time we were, and so I asked, "A pajama party?"

One mom proudly informed me, "They are Girl Scouts and we stole them from their beds!"


Amy! Since when is it appropriate to go to a restaurant in one's pajamas?

I see many young people wearing plaid flannel bottoms in any and every public setting, which I regard as poor taste.

I give allowances for parents toting children under the age of five.

But a group of teenage girls in night attire in a public restaurant? I think the Girl Scouts organization tries to teach young ladies some etiquette, if I remember rightly.


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