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Girlfriend feels suffocated by close clan

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

You, my friend, are such a "Pam."

But even meek, passive, and ever-cooperative Pam finally found her voice (in Season Three). And so should you.

Lying and laziness are never justified. I'm surprised you would even expend the effort to continue to lie to your friends.

Speak your truth: "Guys, my new work schedule is exhausting. I can only go out once a week. Let's find the best night, and we'll enjoy a quality hang."

Dear Amy: "Disturbed by Do Not Disturb" was offended by a hotel "do not disturb" notice featuring a necktie on the door. She thought this was a sexist symbol leftover from college frat culture -- and you agreed with her!


Where are we if we can't enjoy a little "wink-wink" and wit in this world?

-- Upset

Dear Upset: If this is your idea of wit, then we have nothing to discuss.

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