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Hubby undermines plans, wife goes ALL CAPS

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My husband has a habit of getting involved in family or social events, and at the last minute, making changes to the plans.

Prior to the "last minute," he has NO involvement.

What he actually does is just mess everything up a day or two beforehand.

This Father's Day was my last straw.

Our GROWN children had planned a cookout at one son's house. The kids had coordinated it and assigned various dishes for each to bring.

Friday evening, my husband asked what time Father's Day dinner was on Sunday, I said, "I didn't know." So he started saying, "I want Father's Day here! This is my holiday and my house, and I want it here."


Amy, my father passed away last month. My husband said, "So are we never having Father's Day for the rest of our lives because your Dad died?"

I was shocked and angry.

I replied, "I am not having it this year, and I NEVER PLAN ON HAVING IT, as you have FOUR ADULT CHILDREN, and I do every birthday and holiday. They can do Father's Day!"

He then said, "I'm not comfortable anywhere but my own house," which I know is UNTRUE.


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