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Happy introvert doesn't know how to party

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Left: Have you ever done whatever you wanted? Maybe not. Now you can make your own choices, without regard to what your ex wants.

If you want to cut him off, then do so. Definitely de-link from him on social media (although you'll occasionally see pics of him with your grandkids).

I hope you can enjoy your own later-life do-over. It might be nice for you to attend a family function with a silver fox on your arm. Stepping out more will help you to shake off this unfair betrayal. Don't let your bitterness over this run your life. You've got more to do.

Dear Amy: Thank you, thank you, for advocating for adopting older animals in your response to "Second Thoughts," who had just bought a puppy.

Lots of people don't realize how many wonderful older animals are available at their local shelters.


-- Grateful

Dear Grateful: I advocate for adopting senior animals -- because I'm sitting next to one right now!

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