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Hometown visit will come at a cost

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My fiancé, my sister and I are planning a trip to my old hometown for Labor Day weekend in order to visit my oldest friend "Erica."

Erica just bought a house with her husband, "Paul."

Erica tends to avoid conflict. She just sprung it on me that they don't have room to host us in their home.

What? We've always slept on floors and couches when the need arises.

I told her I knew something was fishy, and she fessed up. As it turns out, her husband has stated that I am not welcome in their home. Frankly, I don't want to be around him, either.

I believe the reason is that Paul and I have never seen eye to eye politically.


Also, he sexually assaulted me about six years ago, while he was drunk. He thinks I have wrongly accused him.

I never pressed charges and have since decided to push that aside because I don't want to lose Erica.

I was thinking about staying in a hotel, but that defeats the purpose of us taking an affordable trip.

I haven't seen these friends, nor have I been to my hometown in three years.


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