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Parents plan to punish for piercings

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My husband and I are raising four children.

For many years, we have had a rule about piercings.

Our daughters had to wait until they were 12 years old to pierce their ears.

We felt that this was an age where they had some accountability for taking care of their ears. Each of our daughters has chosen to pierce their ears.

Our 19-year-old daughter now wants a second piercing.

I was sort of OK with it, but my husband is not.

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She admitted that this piercing was just a start, and that there would be others.

This tactic upset me, as I am not a fan of multiple piercings.

I sold Hep C treatments and know that unsafe piercing still carries risks.

Our daughter is training to be a nurse and, frankly, I think multiple piercings are unprofessional.


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