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Grief and confusion upset homesick student

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I'm writing to ask for your insight and advice on some feelings I have encountered off and on for the past few years.

I'm currently on a language exchange in Lyon, France, and the other day a bomb went off in a very busy neighborhood. Thankfully no one was critically hurt.

When I learned about what happened, I messaged my loved ones to let them know that I was OK. The response I received from my grandfather was, "Yes, I had heard about the bombing."

My grandfather knows I am in the city. He had heard of the explosion. But he didn't reach out!

I'm upset at his lack of concern. He is quite active on social media and often tells me about everything that all the rest of my family is doing.

This isn't the first time I've felt unimportant to him. Sometimes I feel as if people just don't care about me in general.


I think part of my struggle with these feelings come from losing my mom in my teens, and from having an emotionally absent/neglectful father.

Am I being too sensitive?

I have one friend who reached out immediately to check in to see if I was OK. Why is it so hard to make other friends like him?

-- Contemplating Relationships


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