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One-sided attraction affects a friendship

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

You have stated that moving in together is a huge deal. What you are seeing here is that different people move toward huge deals at different speeds. You were honest with him. He was honest with you. He let you pressure him into saying "yes" to moving in -- but his yes wasn't quite yessy enough for you. This is NOT a betrayal on his part. It is a clunky hitch in the proceedings.

Enthusiastically recommit to your own apartment. Get a new rug, a geranium for the window, and move the furniture around. Work on your own actions and reactions, including your self-esteem, sensitivity and stubbornness. Detach from your anxious need to have what you think other couples have. No matter what happens in your relationship, you are going to be "new and improved," and you are going to feel more in control and overall better about yourself.

Dear Amy: Responding to people who think there is no harm done by vaping in the restaurant, there are people (like myself) with long issues or asthma and that "harmless" vaping of weed/nicotine/whatever can trigger a potentially deadly reaction.

When done outside, it is easier to avoid.

-- Lung Problems


Dear Problems: Great point. In most places, smoking or vaping inside is simply not permitted, for many good reasons.


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